Silent Partners by Lawrence Ricketts

Morgan Connors and Bonnie Story leave Miami PD Homicide after Bonnie is badly injured during a shootout with a South American drug cartel. Having moved to Montana, they marry and open a private investigation business, and all is going well until they arrest two brothers for drugs and stolen property. Unbeknownst to them, the brothers are members of a violent white supremacist group planning an attack on state and federal government operations throughout the U.S. When attempts are made to kill both Morgan and Bonnie, it soon becomes obvious that the local police are part of the problem, so they call the man they had protected when Bonnie was shot: Paul Goldman, a retired Mossad agent living in Miami.

He joins the operation, along with Tom Corbet, an ex-CIA undercover operator; Millicent Watersford, the niece of Goldman’s longtime MI6 operative; and friend Jamie Ryan, who is attached to a highly secretive international agency mandated to infi ltrate and dismantle terrorist and extremist groups throughout the world. The more they delve into the “White Order”and their affiliated groups across the country, the more they begin to piece together the larger catastrophic plan that, if carried out, will destroy America’s democratic way of government from within.

Publication Date

March 18, 2022





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