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Silent Partners by Lawrence Ricketts

The Darkest of Games

The top secret “International Security Operations” (ISO), established to infiltrate and dismantle major criminal and Terrorist networks, has been compromised and a number of its operatives killed as they commenced their respective operations. With no leads, all ISO operations are shut down, but not before the close friend and colleague of Millicent Watersford, and Alec Cooper, is captured by Al Qaeda in Lebanon.

The Third Law

Starting over for Paul Goldman and his family had been quiet, and peaceful, everything life should be, until one night his world was torn apart. Now, with the leader of a South American drug cartel vowing to have him killed, and the police, trying to protect him, Paul enlists the help of two former comrades from his past to help him stay alive and go after everyone responsible.

Praise for The Third Law
Silent Partners by Lawrence Ricketts

Silent Partners

Morgan Connors and Bonnie Story leave Miami PD Homicide after Bonnie is badly injured during a shootout with a South American drug cartel. Having moved to Montana, they marry and open a private investigation business, and all is going well until they arrest two brothers for drugs and stolen property. Unbeknownst to them, the brothers are members of a violent white supremacist group planning an attack on state and federal government operations throughout the U.S.

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